What’s in store for 2017?

As 2017 rolls in, and coffee consumption continues to soar, we have taken a look at the forecasted trends set to hit the coffee-to-go market this year. From coffee water and nitro coffees, to the role that timing has in the consumer’s decision making process, there is a wide range of forecasts set to capture the industry.

The first forecast this year may sound unusual but set to have a big impact, is the coffee water. In a traditional black coffee, the coffee bean only accounts for 2% of your cup whilst 98% is taken up by water*. Therefore, as important as it is to have a premium bean to ensure everyone gets the best flavour, a look into improving the water quality is set to hit in 2017*.  Most coffee-to-go companies will be using filtered water already, but it’s predicted that the industry could start using two or three different water sources to create that perfect Americano! Coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts have risen and so has the importance to make the perfect coffee, therefore the demand for bean coffee continues to increase.

A key influencer also set to shake up the booming market is Nitro coffee**. The phase of the iced coffee is predicted to be outshone by this new invention. The Nitro is coffee infused with nitrogen, it’s usually sold cold on tap and has a creamy, thick texture, somewhat like a Guinness. We at expresso PLUS tried and tasted the Nitro coffee at our partner’s, Lavazza’s coffee school, it gives off a much punchier taste and the nitrogen in the drink causes your body to absorb the caffeine faster for a quicker kick! Although, this is not widely sold in the UK yet, the forecast is that by the end of the year it will be a lot more prevalent.

‘Time is of the Essence’ᶧ is where vital opportunities lie in the market. Although it’s not anything ground-breaking or new, it seems it’s still a rising importance amongst consumers. Lifestyles are generally all about fast-pace, efficiency and luxury; consumers focus on purchasing products as quick as possible but still desire high quality goods. Interestingly, the key area forecasted to focus on this opportunity is the food-to-go market. This was a rising trend in 2016 but is set to accelerate even more. Year on year the expectations for quick and convenient food rises for the consumer and it doesn’t look as though this is set to slow down and time soon.

Lastly, another ongoing trend set to continue is herbal teas, it seems as though Brits can’t get enough of them especially amongst the 25-34 year olds**. The health kick that the UK appear to be on is partly responsible for this uptake, as more people look to lower their caffeine intake and search for the nutritional intake that these teas provide, such as antioxidants. The herbal tea and the speciality coffee trend surprisingly are going hand in hand together as we all become more adventurous with our food and drink purchases.

2017 looks to have a lot of new upcoming trends as well as a few ongoing ones, it’ll be interesting to see at the end of the year which forecasts come true!

*Source: TouchBistro, 2017

** Source: Telegraph, 2016

ᶧ Mintel, 2017