Traditional Barista

Our traditional barista and commercial coffee makers range from self-serve to serve, placed at the front of office or behind the bar. We provide commercial coffee machines for offices and bespoke vending solutions for various industries including healthcare, education, convenience and forecourt and business and industry. Our hot drinks vending machines are equipped with top-end technology offering telemetry and a range of payment systems. The hassle free approach means your in-house coffee shop can run on its own, leaving you to focus on other business needs.


LB 4702 is versatile, robust and modern and a quality solution for every professional environment. It’s a 2 group machine, plumbed with a 10.5 litre boiler.



We offer an end-to-end service that begins with a full site survey to determine the most suitable coffee vending machine for your business. In addition to this we install all point of sale onsite to attract the right customer base to your outlet. We aim to provide you with a flexible solution that fit both your business and the demands of your customers. Our cost effective coffee makers are easy to maintain and since they are offered on a lease basis, you have the opportunity to set your own retail prices and keep all the profits.


  • Hassle free installation
  • Staff training & documents
  • On-going support around the clock
  • In-store point of sale material