And while coffee is having a moment, let’s spare a thought for its older sister tea

ep2And while coffee is having a moment in the UK let’s not forget about its older sister tea, of which 165 million cups are drank daily in the UK alone, that’s double the volume of coffee consumed. And the unbelievable thing is that many of today’s Coffee2Go solutions don’t cater to the tea market, meaning you miss out on a substantial size of potential business, after all tea generates significantly higher margins than coffee.

The key to ensuring your customers are satisfied is providing a hot beverage solution that meets the needs of coffee, tea, hot-chocolate and soup consumers. The Lavazza premium self-serve tower provides just this. However if you want to add a tea offer to an existing coffee solution the PG2Go unit below has seen huge success in this capacity. The great thing about the PG2Go tower is that the high profit margins mean the potential to make profits is remarkably high.

Clive Sheppard, Director, Winning Post service station says ‘When we first started working with eXpresso PLUS we already had a coffee solution in place but eXpresso PLUS made it possible for us to complete of 2Go offering by tailor making a PG2Go solution. Within the first month we sold ten times more tea than before. We doubled margins meaning a hugely positive impact on our profits. The project has been a huge success and I am hopeful that we can double our sales volume coming into the Winter months’.

  • Sales have increased by four times
  • Profit margins have doubled
  • And revenues have increased by 300%

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