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Why Choose The Batchelors Futuro S?

  • Variety of 2go options; CupaSoup, Pasta’n’Sauce and Super Noodles
  • Touch screen interface
  • Media screen displays adverts and videos
  • Remote sales reporting
  • On-screen training videos
  • Available in three different solutions

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Batchelors self serve soup vending machine

Quick, Convenient & Tasty

The Futuro S offers all the variety, flavour and comfort of Batchelors’ food-to-go meals. Just add hot water for a quick, satisfying hot snack that’s ready in minutes.

Self serve Batchelors soup Machine is user friendly

Easy-Care Videos

Keeping the Futuro S in tip top condition couldn’t be simpler. Just play the step by step video on the built in screen to guide you and your staff through everyday care and maintenance.

Batchelors self server soup vending machine

Space Saving

The Futuro S’s slim frame fits nicely into most spaces. With a massive range of industry-leading features packed into this compact machine, it can hold its own in any environment.

Batchelors Food2Go

Food2Go Range

Introducing the Batchelors’ range of quick, ready-to-make pots. All you have to do is add hot water for a satisfying, flavoursome meal on-the-go.
CupaSoup: Chicken, Vegetable, Tomato
Pasta’n’Sauce: Rich Bolognese, Chicken & Mushroom, Tomato & Basil, Cheese & Broccoli
Super Noodles: BBQ Beef, Chicken, Curry

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